Hallmark Northpole

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For the last several years, the holiday season didn’t start for me until I watched my first holiday movie on Hallmark Channel. There is just something so very magical about an evening of light, seasonal stories that makes me warmly welcome the holiday season into my home.

This year, my children wanted to see the Hallmark Channel movie Northpole and after looking it up I saw the movie had an entire line of product that could be purchased at Hallmark stores.

Off we went to the Hallmark store inside Rockefeller Center to try many of new Hallmark North Pole products and buy some so we could be festive all year round.



The store was full of interactive Hallmark Northpole displays that encouraged shoppers to try all of the products. Some of the items were clearly toys and games (toss rings around the elf hat) and others were festive ways to spend time together as a family (puzzles, cups of hot cocoa, cookie making kits, etc.)



And there was even a storytime nook to sit down and enjoy a good book! I’m thrilled my children value books as much as they do toys.



We bought a couple of the Hallmark Northpole books for me to read to my four children throughout the season and two holiday puzzles for us to put together. I can’t wait until next year when the second movie comes out to see what other Hallmark Northpole products are released!

Find out more about Hallmark Northpole at Hallmark.com

Price Chopper Holiday Entertaining and Decorating

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#HolidayAdvantEdge Disclosure

The month of December is filled with holiday fun — from visiting friends and family to entertaining at home — and I love it!

Christmas cookies play a big part of the holidays for us from sending festive tins full of them to family several states away to leaving some out with cocoa for Santa, the cookie sheets in our home get quite the oven workout the last few weeks of the year.


For the first cookie of the season, we decided to join the #GetYourBettyOn fun and make Snickerdoodle cookies using Betty Crocker cookie mix. Snickerdoodle cookies are one of our favorite cookies during the holiday season and since Price Chopper had the cookie mix on sale (2 for $4) they were an obvious choice.

Price Chopper Baking Aisle #HolidayAdvantEdge

Once they were made we filled a couple of tins and put some aside for us to enjoy later. Half the fun of baking is sharing with everyone who comes over to celebrate the holidays.

Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix #GetYourBettyOn

Usually we leave a few cookies out for Santa and have the rest handy for when friends come over. This year, instead of putting the holiday town on the bay window I decided to make a display area for all the Christmas cards that come in. The florist area at Price Chopper had greens and they were perfect for the space I was decorating. I didn’t want to just have greens so I also added a dried orange garland to the windowscape.

Holiday Windowscape

The garland was really easy to make. I sliced a few oranges 1/4″ thick and placed them on a parchment paper lined non-stick sheet. I put the oven on to the warm setting and left them in there for two hours. I don’t have a food dehydrator so this was my way of achieving the same look. And it worked out well.

Oven Dried Oranges Tutorial

I strung the oranges along using florist twine by poking a hole through the center of them.

Oven Dried Oranges

And there you have my holiday decorations for the window. Added a plate of Snickerdoodle cookies for friends to enjoy but the kids were all concerned about whether Santa would like them. Rest assured kiddos, I have a good feeling he will enjoy them.

#GetYourBettyOn #HolidayAdvantEdge

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Maternity Wear Shopping at Town Shop

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I received compensation as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own.

I’m not sure whose genius thinking it was to island hop right after my daughter turned a year old but I clearly didn’t think about the fact I would need a bathing suit for my new body. Bathing suit shopping is never fun but I unexpectedly found myself dreading the idea of going from store to store to shop for postpartum figure. Luckily, with the Upper West Side as my childhood stomping ground and our neighborhood at the time, I was familiar with all it had to offer and I popped into Town Shop.

Town Shop New York

I’d been there many times with my mother and just like I imagined they were able to help me find a bathing suit for my upcoming trip. The woman helping me took one look at me, picked out the size and off I went with a Calvin Klein tankini that was a perfect fit for the trip. And when I mean perfect, that suit gave me such confidence I was happily sailing on the catamaran without wearing a wrap!

The other day I stopped into the recently expanded space for Town Shop to check out their maternity and post partum section for my sister.  One thing I remember from each of my four pregnancies is that my chest grew and my pre-pregnancy bras were useless. And after pregnancy, I switched sizes a few times before settling to my current size.

Danny Koch Town Shop

I chatted with owner, Danny Koch, about the new space and their bra and maternity wear selection for expectant and new moms.  Town Shop has an impressive amount of choices of maternity and nursing bras starting at 32A. The variety of sizes, styles and brands make it easy for women — no matter their need — to find a bra they feel comfortable wearing. And I love hearing from Danny that when they size shoppers they give it a bit of space so they don’t have to shop for a new maternity bra shortly after purchasing one from them.

Town Shop Bras

Town Shop NYC Bras

The new location also has a selection of maternity wear pieces that were not only flattering but also in keeping with what women wear now throughout their pregnancy. As someone who has been pregnant four times and had four very different maternity wardrobes, I can appreciate the styles and brands Town Shop offers to those currently expecting.Town Shop Maternity Wear