#Selfie Confidence

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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I used to walk into a room and hold one hand in the other as a way to be less nervous. When people came up to me to talk, I’d have no issue finding something to talk about with them but I could never go up to other people and just start a conversation. I was shy. And there’s a very good chance I also felt I didn’t want to intrude or be a bother so I stayed to myself or only with the people I knew.


Years later, I can walk into any room and chat with anyone. And if the last eighteen months are any indication, I really do mean anyone. Although there are many times where I prefer to stay quiet so other people can be in the spotlight they want/need. Being self-confident goes a long way in my little career/job/lifestyle. Notice I didn’t say being obnoxious, I just mean I am fine with my flaws enough that I can be silly and not worry all day what people will think. I accept them.


But most importantly I’m comfortable enough in my skin that I take a #selfie by myself or with a friend (#usie) and post them without a filter. That’s a topic of conversation with some of my friends. “Oh no, I forgot you don’t use filters.”

I figure if I show people how I actually look that day, then I’m really being myself. What you see is what you get.  My funny faces and pictures where I am still eating a cupcake. Or making a ridiculous face because a friend took a photo and didn’t think to check it before she posted it.


I’m fine with it all. And I’m proud I am a different person than I was years ago. Especially with social media being such a huge part of our lives. Being confident is one of the super powers I am happy to have. :)


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Captain America Cake Cookies

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Happy Weekend everyone! It’s definitely starting to feel like fall here in Manhattan. Sweaters are being pulled out of our tiny closets and sneakers instead of sandals are stepping over cracks on the sidewalk.

This past week, Captain America – The Winter Soldier was released on DVD making my at home movie night plans pretty obvious. I thought it would be fun to make a dessert using M&Ms inspired by Captain America to celebrate its release. A little birdie told me #HeroesEatMMs and well, who am I to disagree!?


I decided to make red white and blue cake cookies for my children. All four of my children are big fan of M&Ms (with the blue ones being the favorite of my three year old!) so we picked up two bags at Walmart. I let my oldest choose which types of M&Ms I would use.

At Walmart #HeroesEatMMs

I bought both bags but actually ended up only using the bag of M&M minis. I separated the red and blue M&Ms from the bag of M&M minis and put the rest of the colors aside for me to use when doing fall baking.

One of my favorite things about autumn is getting back into the baking groove so the leftover orange, green and brown M&Ms will come in handy. (Want some M&Ms? Grab this M&Ms coupon! Thanks for that tip #CollectiveBias)

#HeroesEatMMs CakeCookiesIngredients

The cake cookies were simple to make. Mixing eggs, butter and cake flour into a bowl took minutes and before I knew it I was adding blue and red mini M&Ms into the batter. (A simple cheat to this recipe is to buy a box of white cake mix instead of going the flour, baking soda, salt, eggs route!)

#HeroesEatMMs MandMsinCakeBatter

Once I mixed them all in, the last step was for me to evenly spread the mixture onto a greased 9 x 13 baking dish. I sprayed it baking PAM. Yep, I truly hack recipes to make them even easier and I am totally not ashamed.


After 20 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees, it was ready. After it cooled I cut it into squares.

#HeroesEatMMs CakeCookiesOutTheOven

The cake cookies looked really fun with the colors inside. But there was one last step to making these red, white and blue cake cookies to enjoy while watching the Captain America sequel.

#HeroesEatMMs RedAndBlueMandMCakeCookies

The icing! I put white icing on the cookies and added red and blue mini M&Ms for more patriotic fun!

Sure you can eat them without it (like I did while making them… who could wait!?) but icing just adds more to the cookie. So why not!

Captain America Inspired Red, White and Blue Cake Cookies #HeroesEatMMs

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Balance Rewards for healthy choices

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I’m not a runner. I did train to run the New York Marathon years ago but that time has come and gone and my health goals do not include picking that interest back up.

I walk. A lot. Without taking errands into account I walk five plus miles a day. I have an app on my phone called MapMyFitness that tracks how much I walk and the calories I burn. It’s pretty awesome… and free!

Map My Fitness app

That’s why I am beyond excited to find out I can be rewarded by Walgreens for living a healthy life.  Not only do I get Balance Rewards points for health and beauty purchases at my local Walgreens but now I am also able to earn points for healthy choices!

Balance Rewards for healthy choices

By connecting the Balance Rewards for healthy choices feature to the Map My Fitness app on my phone, I’m kept accountable and can easily set health goals, track progress and connect to the latest fitness devices. So all the FitBit lovers can enjoy this feature just as much as I do by using it with the Walgreens app!


While I am most excited about being rewarded just by carrying out my fitness goals, the Balance Rewards for healthy choices program also rewards us with points for checking my blood pressure and filling prescriptions!

I’m excited to get even more connected this fall as I walk more around the city and take care of my health goals! Live near a Walgreens like I do? You’ll want to sign up for Balance Rewards for healthy choices. 5,000 points = $5 off coupon and that is just awesome to get when all I did was walk around in my daily life!

Thanks for the post inspiration, #CollectiveBias!