Back to School Essentials at Walgreens

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You know that feeling you get in the summer that turns your stomach into a rollercoaster from anxiety? Around mid-July. No, not from overeating grilled corn with cotija cheese at your friend’s backyard party. I’m talking about the feeling you get after seeing your first, second, third back to school school supply commercial! Yea, that feeling.

I’ve had that uneasy feeling many, many years. My relaxed, no alarms until September, summer eyes go from glancing at the school supply list when it arrives to immediately worrying we won’t find the 10 pack ultra fine tip black felt tip pens or white kneaded erasers (not standard — on sale — pink erasers!) as specified on the school supply list.

Back To School Supplies Shopping List 6th Grade

My daughter is starting a new school this September (cue my nervousness about her adjusting to middle school!). It is pretty clear I used to dread back to school shopping for school supplies but this year her list is pretty reasonable — and not crazy specific about brands like it has been in years passed.

But of course one thing remains about back to school shopping .. not everything can be found in one store. So off we went to Walgreens to pick up a few things we had yet to cross off her list!


Quick little trips for back to school essentials at Walgreens are sanity savers. We can be in and out of the store and I don’t have to dread shopping at more than one place for a few school supplies. And since its Walgreens, I can trust the store brand for some of the essentials I picked up. Nothing like saving money where I can!

Walgreeens Circular

Want inspiration and ideas on how to simplify your back to school prep with the help of Walgreens? Join us at the bilingual #WalgreensLatino Twitter Party on Tuesday, August 8th at 8PM EST!

From essential supplies to easy ways to stay healthy with the Healthcare Clinic, we’ll be sharing information on how to satisfy all your back to school needs in once place and giving away $550 in Walgreens gift cards!  RSVP here:


Raise your hand if you have a child in youth sports. *Raises both hands and feet * What?! I have four sporty children! Walgreens Healthcare Clinics offer an easy option for youth sports physicals and school physicals for only $49*. No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcome. Quite the sanity saver right!?

This year, Walgreens has made the back to school process so easy for me. And as a mom of four children, I appreciate it so much. Thanks #CollectiveBias for prompting this post!

Legal Disclaimer: “*Promotion ends 9/7/14. Sports and school physicals not typically covered by insurance. Certain exceptions, including age restrictions, may apply. Patient care services at Healthcare Clinic at select Walgreens provided by Take Care Health Services, an independently owned professional corporation whose licensed healthcare professionals are not employed by or agents of Walgreen Co. or its subsidiaries, including Take Care Health Systems, LLC. Walgreen Co. and its subsidiary, Take Care Health System, LLC, provide management services to in-store clinics and provider practices.”Visit for details.

Connections from Hallmark Cards and Coconut Margaritas

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BuzzWorthy Hallmark Cards

I’m a lucky lady. When I want a laugh, I have several people I can reach out to and within minutes, I’ll be close to crying from laughing so much.

One of my favorite people to hang out with is a friend I’ve known since I was a teen. We met working at the same place and have stayed friends for 14 years!

Summer Selfie With Luz

I was at Walmart earlier this week and saw a card selection of #TrendyCards from Hallmark and started laughing. I immediately thought of my friend because she has the craziest sense of humor and these Connections from Hallmark cards really fit it. I knew I had to get a card for her.

Connections From Hallmark Cards #TrendyCards

There was quite a variety of summer themed Connections by Hallmark cards to choose from. I saw that these were limited edition and they get swapped out every six weeks which is perfect. New cards mean new opportunities to make friends laugh.

Hallmark Cards Funny Zone

I spotted three cards she would get a kick out of. (And I saw that for every five cards I bought, I’d get a reward in the Hallmark Card Rewards Program!)

Buzzworthy Hallmark Cards Options

But one card really stood out to me. Over the years some things may be different about us but one thing that hasn’t changed about her is her love for margaritas… she is a big fan of tequila.

And the fact that card played off song lyrics was a big deal for me. So in the cart it went.

Hallmark Connections Lime Shortage

National Tequila Day is tomorrow so the card I picked up for her is perfect. I stopped in a few of the other aisles and grabbed some ingredients to include with her recipe for coconut margaritas.

BuzzWorthy Hallmark Cards Lime Shortage

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t include an award winning recipe in her card along with the ingredients?

I didn’t pick up any tequila to include with her card because she has enough anejo to start her own tequila bar. (P.S. Is it obvious by my sad, sad lime drawings that I took Latin instead of art in high school?) But I’m pretty sure with my help, she has a great jumpstart to her National Tequila Day.

National Tequila Day Recipe Coconut Margaritas #TrendyCards

Love the card I picked up? Make sure you check out Connections from Hallmark to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #Trendycards conversation on Twitter!

Thanks #CollectiveBias for sparking more summer memories with my bestie! Arriba, abajo y pa’ dentro!

Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown

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Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Slimfast, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #14daystoslim

Living in Manhattan means I am always walking to and from somewhere. Every single day. And that’s great because it totally gives me a jump start to a lazy girl’s type of fitness program. I’m rarely stationary so I win at this diet thing right?

Wrong! Walking around the city also means I pass countless raved about restaurants and tempting shops that sell delicious snacks every step of the way.

Slimfast Greek Yogurt Snack Bar #14DaysToSlim

Every morning I start my day with a bowl of vanilla yogurt and honey before walking out the door. Now to be smart about all the treats that tempt me I also carry a Slimfast Gimme Some greek yogurt and honey, honey snack bar with me when I leave my apartment.


I pack a snack so when I’m  in-between meals I don’t ruin my appetite or wind up over eating at my next meal. And with a really important end of summer party coming up, I also want to make sure I still fit a dress I recently picked up. I think losing 5lbs would make the dress fit perfectly. Isn’t it funny how five or ten pounds can really make or break an outfit look!?


I’m not really a calorie counter, but for those of you who are, you’ll be happy to know the new Slimfast® gimme some GREEK YOGURT & HONEY, honey™ snack bars are only 110 calories per bar.  And since I’m a big fan of both greek yogurt and honey it made sense for me to choose this delicious flavor. I cannot tell a lie… things have to taste good for me to stick with them!


These snack bars are so convenient to carry around. On my way out of town, instead of buying overpriced snacks at the airport kiosk I put a snack bar in the side pocked of my Le SportSac weekender and felt so good about myself and how I was treating my wallet while I am out and about this summer!

Slimfast Snack Bar On The Go

If you head over to their website and Facebook page you can learn about the Slimfast® 14 Days to Slim program – a way to lose up to six pounds in two weeks! You can also sign up for Slim Coaching to get tips from experts, daily motivation and watch funny videos! (The Slimfast Pinterest page is pretty fun too — especially that BFF bucket list board!!)