Charmin Keep It Clean Comedy Show with Wayne Brady

My children like to tell me jokes. Whether they read one from under a bottle cap or a frozen treat stick, they constantly share funny punchlines to make me laugh. The one thing that is always off limits … bathroom words. So much so that my four year old sometimes says words in the bathroom just so he can say “But I’m allowed to say this, I’m in the bathroom.” Such a smarty.

Charmin Ultra Strong #pottyhumor @charmin

When Charmin asked me to cover their Keep it Clean comedy show hosted by Wayne Brady, I figured I could learn a few things to make my children laugh. Keep it Clean featured young comedians — some still in high school! — showcasing their best clean potty humor via skits and improv.

Maile And Wayne Brady

Wayne and his 12 year old daughter Maile started the show with improv and she was amazing. Later, Wayne did improv rap using words from audience members. I provided him with “dining table”. That poor man.


My favorite group was “On A Roll” who spent the most time on stage. They worked so well together and often hilariously played off each other’s mistakes.
Other improv artists and sketch comedians performing in the show included Will and Helen, Chaz and Kiera, Lily and Max and last but not least, Heaven and Cristal. They ended up winning $5,000 from Charmin! How amazing is that!? They kept it clean with a sketch about trying to hide an embarrassing bathroom situation from a friend while at her house. I’ve never been in that situation but Wayne fessed up and said he had and their performance was spot on. Works for me!

Charmin isn’t done giving away their money! From now until September 16th, every clean potty joke tweeted to @Charmin using hashtag #pottyhumor will count as a $1 donation to Ronald McDonald House — a charity I have supported since 2005. Help Charmin raise $10,000 with your tweets! An added bonus to helping those in need, Charmin coupons are often tweeted back. Sweet!

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Restylane® Silk at Getting Gorgeous

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Restylane® Silk. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

I look forward to supporting my friends Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland at their Getting Gorgeous event every year. This year’s title sponsor was Restylane® Silk  so I stopped into the Silk Beauty lounge when I arrived.


Restylane® Silk Injectable Gel is the first and only FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip enhancement and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients. Since everyone has a different shape of face, their ideal lip shape will also be different. Restylane Silk allows everyone to change the signs of aging – lip thinning, lines above the lip – that often occur.

Restylane Silk provides natural looking results, which means silkier, smoother lips for everyone wanting their ideal lip shape but they don’t have to worry about results that are so obvious to others.

FullSizeRender (2)

At the lounge was Dr. Bowe a NYC based dermatologist who provided attendees with a Restylane Silk consult on the spot!


Two of my blogging besties were at the lounge sharing their previous experience getting Restylane Silk treatment. Jill had the corners of her mouth plumped and definition to her bottom lip. Jill also had Restylane Silk injected into the curve of her upper lips (“Cupid’s Bow”) to make it slightly more pronounced. Bryce got the lines in her lips filled so she didn’t need lip liner anymore — something she said she started to need after her children were born.


But what is the fun of hearing about a new beauty treatment without getting to try it, right? Many of the bloggers attending were also able to get Restylane Silk injections at the lounge. And they left the injection chair looking vavavoom!

FullSizeRender (7)

Those who didn’t get treatments in the Silk beauty lounge were able to get makeup touch ups, contouring lessons — and some also got a little hair touch up. Voila! Nothing like a little hairspray to feel confident while outside in the summer.

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (5)

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Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

“There’s no fear when you’re having fun” – Will Thomas

When friends travel to England, I ask them to bring me back some of the things I enjoyed while growing up. But one thing crossed over the pond in 2008 so everyone in the States can enjoy it — Robinsons Fruit Shoot. Not having to go to Tesco for it makes me and my children happy.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot #FruitShootMiniMudder

Fruit Shoot is the sponsor of the Mini Mudder — yes, Tough Mudder has a mud run for the 7-12 year old set. My daughter is about to age out of it so she participated last weekend since it was near us. Her eyes are on Tough Mudder and I thought this would be a great intro for her. I love the camaraderie and teamwork behind mud runs.


First things, first. She needed a costume! Every mud race photo I’ve seen had participants in fun costumes so we turned to for a colorful rainbow monster costume. It was the perfect pairing to the vibrant colors of Fruit Shoot.

Since has a section for mud race costumes I had a feeling they would have exactly what she wanted. They even had rainbow arm bands and leg warmers for me. How fun is that?! My youngest joined in on the silliness by wearing a rainbow monster hat. Wearing a costume helps bring out inner confidence and what better way to get noticed and add to the memory of a mud run. She received compliments from various Tough Mudder participants as she walked by.

Mini Mudder MUD #fruitshootminimudder

The Mini Mudder is a one-mile kid-friendly obstacle course for children aged 7 to 12 giving them a chance to test their fitness and team-building skills. They shimmy their way through Secret Agent Squeeze, trounce through Tunnel of Terror and try to stay in their shoes at Gooey Shoes. Once they conquer all the obstacles, they earn a Mini Mudder headband to wear with pride!


Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder Course

After the Mini Mudder, participants and spectators were able to enjoy 10 oz resealable sports cap bottles of Robinsons Fruit Shoot in regular or no sugar added flavors —  my favorite is the No Sugar Added Wild Berry Grape but I am looking forward to trying the mango flavor arriving soon next to the other flavors at Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and Dollar General!

In recognition of all the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudders in 2015, Fruit Shoot will make a donation to Right To Play to help educate children around the world. At the Mini Mudder, participants and fans were able to take part in different playful activities. My youngest thoroughly enjoyed his time drawing his dream mud run course. Thankfully, he didn’t try to recreate his mud run course vision when we got home. Phew!


Robinsons Fruit Shoot RightToPlayActivities

Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder ticket registration is available online for $20 until Friday at midnight before event weekend. If you miss the online registration deadline, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder tickets will be sold for $30 on site. For more information, please click HERE.

Thanks to Robinsons Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this post!