TV Segment Style Prep

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Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex

My ten plus year career on television means I always have a few things top of mind before I walk into a studio.

Not only do I have to be prepared on the topic that will be talked about for those few minutes viewers are watching me but I have to care about what I wear on camera.

NY1 segment

Mother's Day

Sadly, the contents of my closet, cannot be worn over and over. Yep, pretty much every segment requires a new look. That’s not stressful at all. And when the weather is crazy yo-yoing from cold to decently warm, it is hard to plan my look too far in advance.

But with the weather here finally stopping its spring fling back and forth between temperatures; I ran out last minute to try a few new spring looks to wear on camera this week.

gap white dress

dressing room style - wearing white

And I had to find something to wear while keeping in mind, it was not my most favorite time of month. They say studio cameras add 20lbs, well… trust me, a few days a month I look even heavier on camera. (Thanks Aunt Flo!)

But the show must go on. Whether or not I’d rather wear fat jeans and curl up on my sofa.

While I can’t share my outfit looks yet until my segments air, I can share how I get camera ready in the morning. These are my go-to products in the morning before I leave my apartment to go in studio.


My medicine cabinet has so many products but on mornings where I have to go in studio, my essentials are front and center to make sure I don’t forget anything.


And when I get to the studio I have a few products with me in case I need something right before my segment. A little touch up with one of my essentials. Sometimes I have a product or two I’d rather one of the production crew not come across so I keep that zipper purse with me at all times.

Often, as soon as I leave the studio, I put my hair up in a bun or ponytail. I keep those Goody hair elastics on my wrist, in my coat pocket, in a purse.

studio essentials

Those elastics that came free with my U by Kotex Sleek tampons and Cleanwear pads purchase at Walmart are my go-to. (They are in select Walmart stores. See if yours has them! Low prices and a bonus accessory? Talk about a Walmart score!)

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari

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Last summer, the Bronx Zoo introduced their interactive exhibit Dinosaur Safari. It was revamped and redesigned this year for opening day April 12th and will be open until Labor Day, September 1st

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari Mysteries Revealed

My four kidlets and I headed there to see what was new! We boarded a wagon driven through a two acre area of the Bronx Zoo home to over 30 animatronic dinosaurs.

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari Wagon

While on the safari, visitors learn how scientists create how dinosaurs looked, sounded and acted just from what they learn from fossils.

The “Paleontologist” narrator of the tour deputized everyone on the tour and shared clues and facts about dinosaurs ranging from Allosaurus to Stegosaurus (new this year!). We were also able to see various scenarios that could have occured in prehistoric times.

WCS Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari Paleontologist Truck

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Safari dinosaurs

When the ride was over, everyone went to the Dinosaur Safari Field Site where they were able to dig, control an animatronic dinosaur, learn about  parts of a teenage sized T-Rex and take a photo on a Pachyrhinosaurus.

WCS Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari Field Test Site Mock Fossil Dig

Have a child who loves all things dinosaur? Check out the Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo and these upcoming events -

April 16th-20th: Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at the Bronx Zoo – 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm daily

Take a tour through the prehistoric world with an eye-popping array of ancient creatures brought to life through the art of puppetry. Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at the Bronx Zoo is an interactive, highly imaginative show where guests can meet a menagerie of dinosaurs, developed in consultation with paleontologists based on the latest discoveries. Employing sophisticated design and electronics, these giants are brought to life by skilled performers and puppeteers, made all the more real through the magic of theatre.

April 19th & 20th: Peeps® Brands Presents Dinosaur Eggstravaganza – 11am – 2pm

Guests can celebrate the Easter holiday in dino-mite fashion. Guests entering the park will search for graphic dinosaur “eggs” within certain exhibits on this educational scavenger hunt in order to redeem a special treat.

May 10th/11th & 17th/18th: Dinosaurs Rock® Show – 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm

Back by popular demand, Dinosaurs Rock® will be making their 4th appearance at the Bronx Zoo in this exciting and educational performance. Dinosaur expert Neil Brown brings the museum to you in this interactive show where guests can learn about real fossils and bones in a fun, entertaining way.

May 31st: Molly Idle Meet and Greet 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm

Enjoy story time and a dinosaur drawing demo with Molly Idle, author of the popular children’s book, Camp Rex.

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari erth_dinosaurSarafi

WCS Disclosure

Spring Break with Kleenex

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Kleenex Disclosure

I’m up late at night watching everything taped on my DVR and I’ll admit to a Netflix binge at times. Sometimes there are pretty emotional episodes. I will admit to reaching for a Kleenex tissue.

kleenex style

But with spring break coming up (finally!!) there will be less tearjerker movies being watched and more time spent outdoors exploring the city with my children and visiting friends.

I can’t tell you how happy I will be to turn off the alarm and enjoy some quality time with my kiddos that isn’t stuffed into the few minutes afterschool when they are done with homework but before bedtime after dinner. I have a list of places I want to take my four kidlets. Each of these places are going to mean we spend little time at home and more time on the go.

Kleenex Slim Packs #kleenexstyle

I’m outfitting each of my four children with a slim pack of Kleenex brand tissues to make sure. I’m going to bring them with me to the playground while my toddler has his warmer weather playdates.  In my daughter’s overnight bag when she has a sleepover at her friend’s house. And in my coat pocket while I’m running out the door to run errands.

Hello spring! Thanks for finally joining us! And thanks to Kleenex for helping us while we enjoy spring fever!