Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

I’ve been a parent for 12 years now. And while that means I have over a decade of experience kissing booboos and checking for monsters under my kids’ beds; it also means I can think quickly on my feet.

My eight year old telling me the night before a project is due that he needs to start it? Pull out the glue gun! My daughter forgetting to mention she volunteered me to make three loaves of banana bread for the bake sale the next day? Time to mush some bananas! My four year old not wanting to take a bath before dinner? Superhero soap to the rescue! When it comes to my children, nothing is impossible so when I was given the opportunity to write a sponsored post for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation I signed on faster than Tom Cruise slid down the roof of the Vienna Opera House.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation trailer here. Be confused no more!

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation for several months because I know to expect amazing stunts and edge of your seat action sequences and I was not disappointed.

Like around the world action and fantastic quips by funny characters? Then you will love Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation too. I didn’t know what to expect besides a small synopsis of the film – IMF has been disbanded and Ethan Hunt is now persona non grata. So of course he wants to clear his name all while taking on the terrorists doing damage around the world.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Banner

When you watch a movie in the summer it needs to make you feel like you’ve escaped your real life and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation took me on a trip to Morocco and Europe and even managed to make happenings inside DC based offices interesting. That in itself is quite a feat.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is in a theatre near you Friday July 31st! Get tickets at Fandango! It is your only mission for the remainder of the summer!

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Summer of UMIGO

When school finally ended on Friday, I turned off the alarms set on my phone and looked forward to a slower pace for two months. Unfortunately, summer vacation for many children can mean a summer slide for learning. I know what my children have planned for the summer so keeping up come September won’t be an issue but for some kids across the country it will be.

That is why UMIGO — a collection of free stories, music videos and games for early elementary age children is such a great resource. It helps children develop the math skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving.

Summer Of UMIGO Watching Appisides #UMIGO


My son Harrison tried out UMIGO (which stands for You Make It Go) and enjoyed watching the fun, narrative-driven “appisodes.”  When he got back home from an end of school year playdate with friends he asked if he could watch more UMIGO. I think it’s safe to say, he likes UMIGO.

While my sons received a Google Chromebook from Santa at Christmas, it doesn’t mean children without access to a computer or tablet have to miss out on the UMIGO experience. UMIGO’s unique educational content can be experienced at children’s museums, libraries, family care centers and other community settings.

And to take learning a step further and into a technology free zone, UMIGO has free downloadable at-home activities also designed to make learning easy and fun.

UMIGO’s educational content is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics for first and second grades.

UMIGO is funded in part by a US Department of Education Ready to Learn grant awarded to WTTW Chicago Public Media. In partnership with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), UMIGO will bring its narrative-based appisodes, interactive games, activities, and educational resources to more than 70 communities around the country. You can find a location close to you by looking on the NSLA’s interactive map at SummerLearningDayMap.org.


This post is made possible by support from UMIGO. All opinions are my own.

Odd Mom Out

Throughout the winter my favorite local diner was closed pretty much every Tuesday I wanted to have an apricot filled crepe because the cast of Odd Mom Out on Bravo was inside filming.

At first I was all “WHYYYY?!” but then when I found out Odd Mom Out was a scripted series based on Jill Kargaman being an Upper East Side mom, I stopped being all cranky. And took a shot of wheatgrass and placenta. (I kid, of course. Because I too am so an Odd Mom Out on the Upper East Side.)

The series starts airing tonight and I was given the opportunity to make some Mom-osas and watch the first three episodes with friends. Not a bad way to get me to feel better about not being able to go to the local diner right?

And now, in order to not be a show-off I’ll share you can win $20,000 just by watching Odd Mom Out. Want more details about the #OddMomOutSweeps? Head over to the Bravo TV show Facebook page. Good luck.