Getting Rid of the Pounds

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I’m not a fan of shopping for clothing for myself.

I no longer fit half the clothing in my closet.

Because ever since Harrison was born; I’ve had these hips that won’t go away.

I want them to go play houseguest with Jennifer Lopez and leave me alone.

There is also the topic of the pesky “last few” baby weight pounds I still haven’t lost.

And I can no longer blame pregnancy when my son will be turning two in May!

I haven’t dieted one bit since having him so what did I expect?! In addition to me never rarely passing up dessert.

So I’ve joined a group of moms on Twitter called Shredheads who have decided to try the 30 Day Shred workout DVD by Jillian Michaels.

I haven’t bought the 30 Day Shred DVD because Exercise TV On Demand has Level 1 and Level 2 for free right now.

(Honestly though, I highly doubt I’ll be anywhere near the other levels.)

For the next 30 Days, I will be crying trying to get myself back into shape or as Jillian Michaels says Shredded.

I watched some of Level 1 last night. Cringed at the 29 minutes of craziness I will be trying today.

But I know I need to at least try.

You can follow my progress on Twitter. Follow me @veepveep

Here goes –

BEFORE PHOTO (coming soon, maybe…)

Code Name:     Victoria

Tag Line:     Hips Don’t Lie

Weight:     137lbs (ironically stepped on a scale called “Thinner” to find this out.)

Goal:         To get back to the pre-pregnancy weight I was before baby #3. I don’t need to lose the 20lbs promised if you stick with the workout.

Diet Plan:     Healthy choices. Gave up restaurant take-out and delivery for Lent which will definitely help.

Rules:         Only drinking water and hot tea. Still have work events and work dinners to attend so I’ll try to be good about the wine and dessert when not at home.

Shred Plan:     Level one, 5lb hand weights.

P.S. I’m asking all of you reading this to be my Richard Simmons support system. If it looks like I’ve given up, call and motivate or yell at me. J Thanks.


  1. says

    Well, I for one think you look fab. But if you are looking for support–go,go,go. One of my tips–besides walking everywhere–I mix seltzer with everything. It is calorie free and with just a dash of juice makes a low calorie (and cheap) drink.

    Nicole Feliciano’s last blog post..Zid Zid

  2. Nikki says

    Thanks so much for watching ExerciseTV! Have you seen our post-baby body workouts! Also, if you love Jillian (for FREE!), you should check out our new website New free workout everyday, and some of them feature Jillian! Good Luck!