1. I am very glad I happened by the right place at the right time to meet you, have lunch with you, and chat you up at parties. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, you said it! The babies…the babies were driving me insane, not because I don’t love them, not because I don’t think Mamas shouldn’t live just because they have babies, but because I was having some serious issues with seeing NEWBORNS…still PINK at Blogher…I’m sorry…that was too much…I couldn’t deal. I just don’t see the importance of one over the very fragile, very tender other….We didn’t hang out…passed each other too quickly…I’m glad we got to hug and give each other a few quick kisses…and yes, even rub boobs once more.

  3. I am enjoying reading everyones take on BlogHer…I may just have to go next year…but I admit i am very intimidated…

  4. It sounds so much like everyone had a blast. I didn’t know if I was going to go, but I how can I pass up New York City?