Cooking Connections – Grilling Recipes

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Last week my four year old son, Harrison, asked me to make his favorite chili cheese dogs for dinner. And I said yes because they are so simple to make. We went to the supermarket and picked up a few ingredients.

By sheer coincidence this week I was asked to be one of the co-hosts of an online Cooking Connections class titled Firing Up the Grill: New Recipes, Flavors and Ingredients to Kick-Start Barbeque Season today at 1 p.m. ET!

The host, celebrity chef George Duran is going to share his best tips and tricks for spicing up old grilling standards like brats, hamburgers and hot dogs during this online chat in The Motherhood.

They are also giving away two summer grilling gift baskets to class participants!

Join the chat today for a half hour at 1PM EST!

And here’s the photo Harrison took with my iPad of the hotdog he created.

Harrison’s Champion Chili Cheese Dogs


–                Hebrew National hot dogs

Two eight packs will easily serve a family of five with leftovers – one pack won’t be enough

–                Wolf’s Chili – mild without beans

We have someone in our home who prefers chili without beans so we opt for this version.  One can works for four people so pick up two if your family is five or more.

–                Shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese (1 cup)

–                Hot Dog buns – 2 packs regular. No need to do potato roll buns, etc.

Grill your hot dogs outdoors or if you are city dwellers like us, on an indoor grill for four minutes.

We like to set up a “hot dog bar” with all of the toppings so everyone can add as much of the toppings as they like.

In our home, some people like to add the cheese to the bun first and then the hot dog and chili. Others like it hotdog first and then tons of chili and then cheese. It’s fun to see everyone’s final creation.

Disclosure: The class is sponsored by and ConAgra Foods hosted by TheMotherhood.