Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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I’m a baseball fan. How could I not be? We have great sports teams in New York!

My earliest memories of baseball are of my grandfather watching games on his living room TV.

I’d try to remember the names of players when they came up to bat the next time a game was on.

Some afternoons I would draw pictures of Mets players at my grandparents’ kitchen table.

The Mets were my grandfather’s favorite team.

When my grandfather died in 2000, I had already been converted to a Yankees fan. It often happens when you date/marry a Yankees fan. You figure, hey, they are a New York team so it’s not like you’re becoming a Sox fan.

Yesterday, I went to Citi Field for the 50th Anniversary of the Mets. I had been invited many times since the Mets moved from Shea to Citi Field but this was the first time I went to a game.

It was cold out and the sky was threatening rain so I spent most of my time watching the game hidden inside the luxury box.

But despite the Mets losing to The Nationals and many of my photos not coming out, seeing Citi Field in person for the first time was a really nice experience.

Disclosure: I attended the Mets game courtesy of Verizon and sat in their luxury box where an endless amount of oatmeal raisin cookies were at my disposal — many thanks! — but I am not a Verizon ambassador. 


  1. Kate says

    Here from UBP12! I love baseball too and have only been to a Seattle Mariners game! (I am clear on the other side of the States from you!) But I would love to come to New York one day and go to a game!

  2. SadieDear says

    We love baseball at out house! I become a “baseball widow”, meaning that my husband is now unavailable for anything else. =)