Win A Bodum Chambord French Press

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The holidays are here! The holidays are here! I always get such a happy feeling from the holiday season in New York.

Whether it’s a day spent with friends and family over a meal or just relaxing at home with my children while watching movies or playing board games, this is hands down my favorite time of year. And with the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree last night, this feels like the perfect time to celebrate!

To celebrate what I believe is truly the most “wonderful time of the year”, from now until December 17th, you can enter to win a Bodum Chambord eight cup French Press coffee maker from my little blog!

Bodum 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Just think of how awesome it will be to have friends over for dinner and afterwards you offer them coffee and can make it in this awesome, spill proof coffee maker.

Want to win? Just leave a comment below sharing your favorite type of coffee to enjoy at home. Are you a French roast fan? Can’t live without Colombian? Have to have espresso first thing? 

One winner (18 years or older) living in the Continental U.S. will win this prize. Retail value is $72. Winner will be chosen and notified on December 18th, 2013 via email.

Holiday Giveaway Series 2013 - 28 Contests

And now for something else pretty cool, I teamed up with 25 other ladies who are also giving away prizes that would be great for you to win. You can check out their contests by checking out the linky below but make sure you enter to win this contest too!

It’s truly a season of giving! Good Luck!


  1. Phoebe says

    To be honest, I don’t care for coffee…but I know many people who love it and if I were to win, I would give it to one of them!

  2. says

    We used to use our press all the time. I love a good Columbian roast. Just add a little cream and you are set. I need to make a cup now. I would love to have a Chambord press.

  3. cindi says

    I love simple brewed coffee. My hubby on the other hand loves dark rich full bodied coffee w freshly frothed milk.

  4. Jessica Fortner says

    I personally am a vanilla latte gal, but I really want to win this for my father who is a huge fan of the French Press. He has wanted one since Thanksgiving when my aunt served us coffee from hers.

  5. Lydia says

    Our favorite is pour over coffee using Starbucks Medium Roast Beans (freshly ground at home), but I would LOVE to try French Press. I’ve heard it’s amazing!

  6. Claire says

    I love just about any type of coffee! But we make ours at home with an aeropress. Would love to try a French press too.

  7. Chelsea R. says

    I like French Roast, but they start tasting the same when I start adding flavored creamers. My husband likes the dark roast, brewed super strong, with a ton of sugar.

  8. says

    Oh I love coffee in so many varieties! I have to say my favorite coffee, especially for a coffee press, would be either a French Roast or an Italian- both so delicious!

  9. AMS says

    I love my 2 cups in the morning, French Roast, semi-strong, with just a touch of whole milk.
    If I’m feeling splurgy, I’ll steam up some milk to put on top instead.

  10. Ashleigh says

    My Dad loves decaf and is the only one in his house who does so individual cups would be great for him.

  11. Ashleigh says

    Oops my mistake on the last post. Dad would still love it even if it’s more than one cup. 😀

  12. jodi frasier/lasher says

    I am most definetly a colombian coffee drinker, but i also like the donut shop k cups for my keurig. Thanks

  13. Renee Richardson says

    I love caramel mocha. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  14. Cindy B says

    I love a little coffee with my cream and sugar but when I have friends over I like to have a cuppa and my little coffee maker quit on me recently. Thanks for this great opportunity… besides Alton Brown says a french press is the best way 😉

  15. T says

    I neither drink coffee nor like coffee-flavored things. However, my husband likes a cup of coffee in the morning and he’s been wanting a French press.

  16. jodi frasier/lasher says

    I am a straight up Colombian coffee fan. I rarely will try any other kind but have tried french roast and dont like it lol

  17. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I love French Roast. Dark, Bold, The stronger, the better! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Mary says

    I like any coffee!! But I really want to try a french press. My sister wants one for Christmas so I would give it to her.

  19. Cheryl Lund says

    Texas Pecan coffee with a little half & half and honey added to the cup. That is my go to pick me up in the morning.

  20. Betty says

    Love French and also Italian roast coffee. We were stationed in Turkey and Turkish coffee is phenomenal. Best Expresso we found was in Italy. The army certainly exposed us to a lot of cultural versions of coffee and tea.

  21. Eileen Richter says

    My husband is the coffee drinker…the more flavored and sweeter the better. He likes the caramel , and butter pecan, all things nutty and sweet. And then guess what, he adds tons of flavored creamer AND sugar. So basically he has a hot malt for breakfast and sever times a day. LOL.

  22. Ivy T says

    I like darker roasts (less earthy, more caramelly), but my husband prefers medium roast coffees… and since he gets up before me on most days and prepares the coffee, medium is what we drink.

  23. Jessica O says

    I prefer iced coffee when I go out but at home I like hot coffee with hersheys syrup and hazelnut creamer!

  24. Sharon says

    I love Columbian Coffee and Mocha Cappuccinos! I am a coffee person and have to have it! I just love the taste, it doesn’t matter if it has caffeine in it or not(Except in that first morning cup of course!). Thank you for a lovely Giveaway!