Hotel Motel Holiday Inn

And in the case of some visitors to New York, there are just no words to describe where they stay.

I was cleaning out my cell phone and found a few high quality cell phone pics from September 2007.

Pictures from when a friend was in town.

Actually pictures from when a friend was flown into town by a national talk show and was put up in a hotel.

She called me as soon as she got to her room.

Asked me to stop by her hotel before our dinner so I could see what she was talking about over the phone.

She wanted to make sure I believed her. So I walked over. And found her waiting for me in the lobby.

Then I saw her room. She wasn’t exaggerating. Thankfully I’ve never stayed in a place like that.

Her friend was also flown for the show and would be staying at the same hotel. Lucky woman had no idea what was in store for her.Actually her friend’s hotel room was  worse.. it was really the pits.

Not only could I not believe a hotel like this existed in Manhattan but I was shocked surprised a national talk show a successful show at that put their guests up in this place.

I just found photos of her friend’s hotel room sitting in my cell phone.

If you are ever coming to New York, let me know so I can make sure you don’t stay there.


The view as soon as you open the hotel room door

They were kind enough to decorate the room with a side table dresser.

My friend tried to coerce me into the room. After she told me about all the um, hair all over the place.

I’ll spare you those photos.

A photo of the guy who came to see the room after she talked to the front desk about the cleanliness of the room.

He said it was very clean. Let’s hope he never makes any of us dinner one night.


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